Configuring notification e-mails addressed to the merchant

Each time a buyer performs an operation on a merchant website (single or installment payment), you can receive an automatic e-mail notification that includes details of the advanced risk assessment process.

These notifications complete the information available via the Back Office.

To use this feature, contact the customer service of your payment gateway to enable the required functions within your offer.

Here is a list of the available notification e-mails:

  • Confirmation e-mail of payment
  • Confirmation e-mail for subscription
  • Refusal e-mail for deferred payment
  • Refusal e-mail for an installment

To configure these e-mails:

  1. Connect to: .
  2. Go to the following menu: Settings > Notification rules.
  3. Select the tab E-mail sent to the merchant.
  4. Right-click on the reference of the e-mail and select Enable the rule.
  5. Click on Save.