Identifying priorities between actions

An order of priorities is defined among certain actions:

  • The action Decline a transaction has priority over the action Manual validation.
  • The action Enable 3D Secure cancels such actions as Disable 3D Secure.


    The Advanced risk assessment feature only allows to Disable 3DS when 3DS is enabled by default and to Enable 3DS when 3DS is disabled by default.

Other actions can be combined, for example: Raise an alert, Enable 3D Secure and Manual validation.

Note concerning 3D Secure

The selective 3DS function (SELECT_3DS) can be used in addition to the risk module. The passed parameter has priority over the decisions of the risk assessment module.

However, the selective 3DS function cannot be used with AMEX cards (in case of suspicious card activity or depending on the amount or the type of sold item, etc.). AMEX reserves the right to perform strong authentication.

For 3D Secure to be enabled, the used contract must be enrolled and activated.