Managing the criteria

The merchant can decide to modify the payment process based on different criteria.

The criteria taken into account by the advanced risk assessment are based on:

  • the payment data,
    the transaction details (amount, currency, shopping cart, buyer, etc.),
  • the card analysis results,
    the card type (CB, Visa, MasterCard, etc.), the nature of the card (personal, commercial, prepaid), the issuing country, etc.,
  • the 3D Secure authentication result,
    the cardholder's enrollment, the authentication status,
  • the authorization result,
    the authorization return code, the liability shift,
  • the result of the risk analysis,
    the data transmitted by a risk analyzer (such as CyberSource) to the payment gateway, namely the returned score,
  • the velocity,
    the card activity, e-mail, etc. in the merchant's shop.