Sending the customerRequest object in a query

The object customerRequest allows to transmit information related to the shipping, the billing and the technical details linked to the buyer.

This object is required to be sent in the query to verify the billing country, the shipping country and the IP address of the buyer.

It is made up of the following sub-objects:
Table 1. Sub-objects of customerRequest
Sub-object Format

Buyer's billing details.


Buyer's shipping details.


Technical data related to the buyer.

The objects billingDetails and shippingDetails both have a country attribute.
Objects Attributes Format Examples of possible values in accordance with the ISO 3166 standard
billingDetails country string-a2
  • DE for Germany
  • IT for Italy
  • PT for Portugal
  • GB for Great Britain
  • JA for Japan
  • RU for Russia
  • ES for Spain
  • NL for the Netherlands
  • SE for Sweden
  • FR for France
  • PL for Poland
  • CN for China
shippingDetails country
The object extraDetails has the following attributes:
Object Attribute Format
extraDetails ipAdress string - ans 40

See the Web Service Integration Guide (V5) available in our online documentation archive

for more information.