Transmitting buyer details

The merchant can transmit the buyer details (e-mail address, civil status, phone number, etc.). This information will be used to create the bill.

To trigger one or several actions depending on the country of the buyer, the field vads_cust_country must be transmitted via your payment form.

All the data that will be transmitted via the payment form can be viewed in the transaction details in the Back Office (Buyer tab).

  1. Use the fields required for your use case (see chapter Generating a payment form of the Payment Form Implementation Guide available here ) to create your payment form.
  2. Use the optional fields presented below according to your requirements.
    These fields will be sent back with the response and will include the value transmitted in the form.
    Table 1. Field list - Buyer details
    Field name Description
    vads_cust_email Buyer's e-mail address.
    vads_cust_id Buyer reference on the merchant website.
    vads_cust_title Buyer's marital status.
    vads_cust_status Status (PRIVATE: for private clients / COMPANY for companies).
    vads_cust_name Deprecated Use vads_cust_first_name and vads_cust_last_name.
    vads_cust_first_name First name.
    vads_cust_last_name Last name.
    vads_cust_legal_name Buyer's legal name.
    vads_cust_cell_phone Cell phone number.
    vads_cust_phone Phone number.
    vads_cust_address_number Street number.
    vads_cust_address Postal address.
    vads_cust_district District.
    vads_cust_zip Postal code.
    vads_cust_city City.
    vads_cust_state State / Region.
    vads_cust_country Country code in compliance with the ISO 3166 standard (required to trigger one or several actions if the profile Customer country control is enabled).
  3. Compute the value of the signature field using all the fields of your form starting with vads_ (see chapter Computing the signature of the Payment Form Implementation Guide available here )).