Building the form

The form can be created in the Form management tab. This tab consists of 3 areas:
  • A list of available fields.
    A field list is provided to the merchant. The merchant can also add new fields and configure them.

  • The field configuration area is selected.
    This area allows to configure the existing and newly created fields.

  • The form building area including mandatory and optional fields.
    The merchant uses this area for arranging the form.

In order to add a field or configure existing fields in the List of available fields area:

  1. Click Add to create a new field.

  2. Select a field to configure it. You can:
    • configure it by editing its contents displayed in the configuration area of the selected field,
    • Delete it,
    • Copy it,
    • send it to the mandatory field area, using the Mandatory button or the drag and drop feature,
    • send it to the optional field area, using the Optional button or the drag and drop feature,

To configure a field:

  1. Select the field.

  2. Make the desired changes.
    • Personalize the field name in Name displayed in case of creating a new field.
    • Personalize the Field type, if possible.
      The list includes Alphanumeric, Numeric, E-mail address, Drop-down list, Free-form entry field, Date, Amount.

      Example of configuration of a new field:


      The merchant can create a new field using a drop-down list. This list will offer the entire field of activity via one single form. It will allow buyers to specify for which activity field they would like to make a payment.

    • Personalize the text of the Tooltip.
      The tooltip is the information displayed when the cursor hovers over an element that helps users when they fill in information.

    • Define the Minimum and the Maximum number of characters of a field value.

    • Check the Field to be confirmed box if you want the buyer to confirm the entry of the field value.
      For instance, enter an e-mail and confirm the entry in another field to make sure that the specified address is valid.

To arrange the form display:

  1. Use the Up and Down buttons for choosing the position of the fields in the form.

  2. Use the Remove button for deleting a form field or for placing it among the mandatory or optional fields.

  3. Click Save.
    The confirmation message Your changes were saved successfully appears.

  4. Click Open the form to view the result of the configuration.