Data available for customization

In addition to using the labels of columns displayed in the preformatted transactions report, the merchant can also use the labels described in the table.

"Entête" (Header) record "Details" record
Label Description Meaning
AUTH_DATE Authorization date (YYYYMMDD)  
CONTRIB Contribution Idem vads_contrib
CUSTOMER_ADDRESS Buyer's address Idem vads_cust_address
CUSTOMER_CITY Buyer's city Idem vads_cust_city
CUSTOMER_COUNTRY Buyer's country Idem vads_cust_country
CUSTOMER_FIRSTNAME Buyer's first name Idem vads_cust_first_name
CUSTOMER_MAIL Buyer's e-mail address Idem vads_cust_email
CUSTOMER_MOBILE_PHONE Buyer's mobile phone Idem vads_cust_cell_phone
CUSTOMER_NAME Buyer's last name Idem vads_cust_last_name
CUSTOMER_NATIONAL_ID Buyer's national identifier (CPF/CNPF in Brazil). Idem vads_cust_national_id
CUSTOMER_PHONE Buyer's phone Idem vads_cust_phone
CUSTOMER_STATE Buyer's state Idem vads_cust_state
CUSTOMER_TITLE Buyer's title Idem vads_cust_title
CUSTOMER_ZIP_CODE Buyer's postal code Idem vads_cust_zip
ERROR_CODE Error details in case of declined payment Idem vads_payment_error
LITIGES Reconciliation of the chargeback
  • true

    The chargeback reconciliation option for non-payments is enabled and a lawsuit has been filed concerning the transaction regardless of the dispute outcome

  • false

    The Chargeback reconciliation option for non-payments is enabled and no lawsuits have been filed concerning the transaction

  • empty

    The Chargeback reconciliation option for non-payments is not enabled

MATCH_STATUS Reconciliation status  
NSU Unique sequence number (Latina America) Idem vads_authent_nsu
ORDER_INFO Context of a buyer's purchase Idem vads_order_info
ORDER_INFO2 Idem vads_order_info2
ORDER_INFO3 Idem vads_order_info3
PAYMENT_MEANS_TOKEN Token Idem vads_identifier
REMITTANCE_NB Capture number  
SEQUENCE_NUMBER Installment payment sequence number Idem vads_sequence_number
SHIPPING_ADDRESS Shipping address Idem vads_ship_to_street
SHIPPING_CITY Shipping city Idem vads_ship_to_city
SHIPPING_COUNTRY Shipping country Idem vads_ship_to_country
SHIPPING_DISTRICT Shipping district/area Idem vads_ship_to_district
SHIPPING_NAME Recipient's last name Idem vads_ship_to_name
SHIPPING_PHONE Recipient's phone Idem vads_ship_to_phone_num
SHIPPING_STATE Shipping state/region Idem vads_ship_to_state
SHIPPING_ZIP_CODE Shipping zip code Idem vads_ship_to_zip
SHOP_KEY Shop ID Idem vads_site_id
SHOP_NAME Reference of the shop Idem vads_shop_name
TOTAL_AMOUNT Total amount of the transaction  
TRANSACTION_ID_EXT External transaction reference Idem vads_ext_trans_id
TRANSACTION_UUID UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) - transaction identifier Idem vads_trans_uuid
USER_INFO User details