History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
3.4 Lyra Collect 09/03/2020
  • Correction of date description in naming rules (corresponds to the day, week or month before the file was sent).
  • Addition of the file extension in naming rules.
  • Correction of the upload time of the JRFI files.
  • Addition of the name of the directory containing sample files.
  • Addition of the manual transaction reconciliation process in view of obtaining a Bank Reconciliation Report in TEST mode.
3.3 Lyra Collect 17/02/2020
  • Addition of downloadable sample files.
  • Correction of the access paths to the configuration tabs of different reports.
  • Update of the reason codes for chargebacks.
3.2 Lyra Collect 15/01/2020
  • Addition of the financial reconciliation report.
  • Details on the availability on the SFTP server.
  • Addition of the correlation between the report data and the Form and REST API fields.
  • Removal of the correlation table present in the annexes.
  • Addition of the PAYMENT_OPTION field to the list of fields available for customizing transaction reports.
  • Addition of a note on reissuing TEST reports.
  • Details on the absence of the FIN record in the transaction reports.
  • Details on the presence of “;” at the end of every line of TITRE, ENTETE,ENREGISTREMENT and FIN type.
  • Reconciliation report V3:
    • Update of description and values for CUSTOMER_ID, ORDER_ID,PAYMENT_METHOD, RETURN_CONTEXT,DATA_COMP
    • Addition of an empty file sample
  • Chargeback report:
    • Update of descriptions and values for all fields.
    • Update of file samples.
3.1 Lyra Collect 17/09/2019
  • Update of the JT and JO files to present the dates in the UTC time zone format.
  • Addition of the “None” default report frequency
3.0 Lyra Collect 25/07/2019
  • Addition of the TRANSACTION_STATUS field in the 20th position of the V_CUSTOM transaction report.
  • Update of the MATCH_STATUS field in the JRI.
  • Update of the format table
  • Addition of the CANCEL transaction type in the transaction report.
  • Update of the MATCH_STATUS, DATA_COMP_3, DATA_COMP_4,DATA_COMP_5, DATA_COMP_6, DATA_COMP_7 and DATA_COMP_8 fields in the V3 bank reconciliation report.
2.9 Lyra Collect 05/02/2019
  • Addition of the VERIFICATION value for the TRANSACTION_TYPE field.
  • Update of the value list ​of the “status” field.
  • Update of the value list ​of the “type” field.
  • Update of the fields present in transaction exports.
  • Addition of new values to the list of fields available for customization of the Transaction Report: CUST_NATIONAL_ID, NSU, PAYMENT_MEANS_TOKEN, TRANSACTION_ID_EXT
2.8 Lyra Collect 01/10/2018 Initial version

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