Understanding the structure of a bank reconciliation report V2

The "Titre" (Title) record

The Title record provides information about the file characteristics for a better identification. It is populated as follows:

Pos. Description Values
01 Record code TITRE
02 Shop name
03 Delivery date and time (YY/MM/DD_hh:mm:ss)
04 Version TABLE_V2

The "Entête" (Header) and "Details" records

Pos. "Entête" (Header) record "Details" record
Label Description Possible value Meaning
01 ENTETE Record code MATCHING  
02 MERCHANT_COUNTRY Merchant's country   Example: FR for France
03 MERCHANT_ID Merchant ID   Examples:

0+SIRET (Business Directory Identification System) in France.

0+CRN (Company Registration Number) in United-Kingdom

0+NIF (Numero de Identificación Fiscal) in Spain

04 CONTRACT Merchant ID number    
05 PAYMENT_DATE Payment date YYYYMMDD format
06 TRANSACTION_ID Transaction identifier equivalent to vads_trans_id  
07 ORIGIN_AMOUNT Transaction amount in the original currency (expressed in the smallest currency unit)    
08 CURRENCY_CODE Code of the transaction currency  

See table vads_currency for more examples.

09 PAYMENT_METHOD Payment method    
10 ORDER_ID Order reference    
11 RETURN_CONTEXT Context of a buyer's purchase   One or several details (order_info, order_info2, order_info3, etc.) separated by the "|" character
12 CUSTOMER_ID Buyer ID    
13 OPERATION_TYPE Type of operation DT Debit
CT Credit
14 OPERATION_NUMBER Operation sequence number    
15 REMITTANCE_DATE Capture date   YYYYMMDD format
16 REMITTANCE_TIME Capture time    
17 BRUT_AMOUNT Gross amount of a captured transaction (expressed in the smallest currency unit)    
18 MATCH_STATUS Reconciliation status MATCH_OK Reconciliation made
19 REMITTANCE_NB Capture number    
20 NET_AMOUNT Net amount (expressed in the smallest currency unit)   Specified only if the reconciliation is done automatically and the sued card is not a private card
21 COMMISSION_AMOUNT Commission fee amount (expressed in the smallest currency unit)  
22 COMMISSION_CURRENCY Commission currency  
23 INTERCHANGE Amount of interchange fees    
24 SCHEME_CHARGE_AMOUNT Amount of VISA / MASTERCARD network commission    
25 BANK_CHARGE_AMOUNT Amount of bank commission    
26 CARD_NATURE Card Nature
  • P
  • E
  • empty if non provided by acquirer
  • P : Consumer Card
  • E : Commercial Card
27 TRANSACTION_REGIONALITY Geographic zone of the payment
  • FRA
  • UE
  • HUE
  • empty if non provided by acquirer
  • FRA : Domestic
  • UE : Inside EEA
  • HUE : Outside EEA
28 CARD_HOLDER_COUNTRY_CODE Country code of the mean of payment
  • ISO 3166 alpha-3 code
  • empty if non provided by acquirer

Example : FRA for France

29 CARD_SCHEME Card Network
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 9
  • empty if non provided by acquirer
  • 1 : CB
  • 2 : VISA
  • 3 : MCI
  • 4 : ECI
  • 9 : Undetermined (CB or VISA)
30 CARD_PRODUCT_CATEGORY Product card category
  • D
  • C
  • P
  • C : CREDIT
  • D : DEBIT
31 ACQ_INFOS Complementary info sent by acquirer CardCategory=XX XX can takes one of the following values:
  • HE : Card outside EEA
  • CO : Commercial card intra EEA
  • DT : Debit card intra EEA
  • CT : Credit card intra EEA
  • UV : Universal card intra EEA (CB only)
  • NR : Unregulated credit card intra EEA

The "Fin" (End) record

Pos. Description Values
01 Record code FIN

Example of a file

This extract from the bank reconciliation report (JRB) shows:

  • a line of the Title record,
  • a line of the Header record,
  • two lines from the Details record each beginning with MATCHING,
  • a Fin (End) record line that marks the end of the document.
TITRE;Lyra Collect;17/08/09_13:58:49;TABLE_V2;								
70703;5490;MATCH_OK;000132;5436;54;978;1.02;D;1.12345;3.45;E; UE;250;1;CardCategory=UV;
70703;20000;MATCH_OK;267501;19800;200;978;1.08;1.12345;3.45;E; UE;;1;D;;