Understanding the structure of a transactions report


From November , 2019, the date format is changing.

The value of the PAYMENT_DATE, PAYMENT_TIME and CAPTURE_DATE fields as well as the sending date displayed in the file header will be expressed in the UTC time zone.

The "Titre" (Title) record

The Title record provides information about the file characteristics for a better identification. It is populated as follows:

Pos. Description Values
01 Record code TITRE
02 Shop name
03 Delivery date and time (YY/MM/DD_hh:mm:ss)

The "Entête" (Header) and "Details" records

The Header lists the various labels to be populated in the report. The information in Details populates the labels of the Header record for each transaction. The possible labels and values are presented in the following table:

Pos. "Entête" (Header) record "Details" record
Label Description Possible value Meaning
02 TRANSACTION_ID Transaction identifier equivalent to vads_trans_id  
03 MERCHANT_ID Merchant ID   Examples:

0+SIRET (Business Directory Identification System) in France.

0+CRN (Company Registration Number) in United-Kingdom

0+NIF (Numero de Identificación Fiscal) in Spain

04 PAYMENT_MEANS Payment method CARD Credit card transaction
05 CONTRACT Merchant ID number    
06 TRANSACTION_TYPE Transaction type
  • Refund
  • Debit
  • Verification
  • Face to face transaction cancelled
07 ORIGIN_AMOUNT Transaction amount at the moment of payment expressed in the smallest currency unit    
08 AMOUNT Transaction balance expressed in the smallest currency unit    
09 CURRENCY_CODE Code of the transaction currency  

See table vads_currency for more examples.

10 PAYMENT_DATE Payment date   YYYYMMDD format
11 PAYMENT_TIME Payment time   hhmmss format
12 CARD_VALIDITY Payment method validity period   YYYYMMDD format
13 CARD_TYPE Payment method   Examples: CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, etc.
14 CARD_NUMBER Extracted from the payment card number    
15 RESPONSE_CODE Response code to the authorization request

See chapter vads_auth_result

16 COMPLEMENTARY_CODE Risk assessment result (specific to shops that have enabled the module) empty No verifications made
00 Verifications successfully performed
02 The authorized outstanding amount threshold has been exceeded
03 The card is in the merchant's greylist
04 The issuing country of the card is on the greylist or is not on the merchant's whitelist
05 The IP address is in the merchant's greylist
06 The card is in the merchant's BIN greylist
07 E-carte bleue control
08 Transaction not guaranteed 3DS
14 Control of a card with unconditional authorization
20 Verification of the country consistency between the card issuing country, the IP address and country of the customer's address
99 A technical issue was encountered by the server when processing one of the local controls
17 CERTIFICATE Transaction certificate    
18 AUTORISATION_ID Transaction authorization number    
19 CAPTURE_DATE Emission date to the requested bank   YYYYMMDD format
20 TRANSACTION_STATUS Status of the transaction See chapter vads_trans_status
21 RETURN_CONTEXT Context of a buyer's purchase   One or several details (order_info, order_info2, order_info3, etc.) separated by the "|" character
22 AUTORESPONSE_STATUS Delivery status of the automatic response FAILED An automatic response transmitted to the merchant's server has failed
SENT An automatic response has been sent to the merchant's server
UNDEFINED No automatic response has been requested by the merchant
23 ORDER_ID Order reference - Equivalent to vads_order_id    
24 CUSTOMER_ID Buyer ID - Equivalent to vads_cust_id    
25 CUSTOMER_IP_ADDRESS Buyer's IP address    
26 ACCOUNT_SERIAL Token potentially followed by a recurring payment number - Equivalent to vads_identifier and vads_subscription    
27 TRANSACTION_CONDITION 3D Secure authentication result 3D_SUCCESS The merchant and the cardholder have enabled3D Secure and the card has been successfully authenticated
3D_FAILURE The merchant and the buyer have enabled 3D Secure but the authentication has failed
3D_ERROR The merchant has enabled 3D Secure but a technical issue has occurred
3D_NOTENROLLED The merchant has enabled 3D Secure but the buyer is not enrolled
3D_ATTEMPT The merchant and the cardholder have enabled 3D Secure but the cardholder was unable to authenticate
SSL The cardholder has not authenticated:
  • or the card type is not supported by 3D Secure
  • or either the merchant or the cardholder has not enabled 3D Secure
28 CAVV_UCAF 3D Secure certificate   3D Secure Cardholder Authentication Verification Value
29 COMPLEMENTARY_INFO Details of the local verification result.

Option reserved to the merchants who have enabled the Risk management module.

CARD_COUNTRY=XXX XXX corresponds to the alphabetic country code in the Iso 3166 format
CAS (Card with unconditional authorization) Value = YES | NO
ECBL (E-carte bleue) Value = YES | NO
CCC (Country Card Consistency) Value = YES | NO
BDOM Bank name
PRODUCTCODE Card product code
BANKCODE Bank code
30 BANK_RESPONSE_CODE Response code of the bank that issued the authorization request See chapter vads_auth_result
31 3D_LS 3D Secure payment guarantee YES Payment guaranteed 3D Secure
NO Payment not guaranteed 3D Secure
UNKNOWN Payment guarantee cannot be determined following a technical error
32 INFO_EXTRA      

Example of a file

This extract from Transactions report (JT) shows:

  • a line of the Title record,
  • a line of the Header record,
  • two lines of the Details record each beginning with TRANSACTION.
TITRE;Lyra Collect;16/04/08_14:53:25;TABLE_V_CUSTOM;
SSL;;| Maestro=NO | BANKCODE=my banking establishment | PRODUCTCODE=F | ;00;NO;;
| Maestro=NO|BANKCODE= my bank| PRODUCTCODE=MDS | ;00;NO;;