server url error

At the end of the payment, the payment gateway calls the Instant Payment Notification URL defined in the Expert Back Office. This call only takes place if the notification rule is configured in the Expert Back Office.

If the payment platform cannot reach your IPN URL, you will receive an e-mail indicating a failure during the Instant Payment Notification call. This failed call has no effect on the payment, if it was finalized correctly (accepted or rejected).


On 08/11/11 at 12:39:10 (GMT+1), we recorded the transaction ref. 634823 of 72,00 EUR for the shop XXXXXXX.

When calling your IPN URL, we came across a technical problem with the error code: FAILED_SERVER_403_ERROR.

For more information about this error code, refer to the FAQ: server-url-error

Case 1: we were unable to contact your server (your merchant website is unavailable), case 2: the response timeout from your server was exceeded, case 3: your server returned an error message. You can find the encountered type of error in the transaction event log of your Expert Back Office.

The impact of this message:

The payment has been finalized, successfully or not, by the payment gateway, however it is possible that your shop is not up to date. Do not call the tech support, we cannot interfere with your application. However, we recommend you to contact your webmaster to analyze the causes of this error and apply any required corrections.

Once the problem is solved, you can manually retry the call to the IPN URL corresponding to this transaction in order to notify your applications.

To do this,

  1. sign in to the Expert Back Office:
  2. locate the transaction ref. 634823,
  3. once the transaction is found, right-click on it and select "Send the Instant Payment Notification".


The call to the Instant Payment Notification is a POST HTTP or HTTPS request made from one server to another. The call includes the parameters linked to the payment as well as the vads_trans_status parameter that provides the transaction status.