For the merchant

Adding the PAYLIB payment option to your merchant website is very simple: it consists in activating the Payment via Paylib function.

Please contact your sales contact person to subscribe to the PAYLIB option in your Lyra Collect offer.

Characteristics of a PAYLIB contract

The special feature of a PAYLIB contract is the enrollment. The chapter Associating a CB contract with a PAYLIB contract provides a step-by-step instruction on integrating it within your payment page.

For the buyer

The subscription to the PAYLIB service is done directly via the bank. The buyer can enable it via the website or via their banking mobile app in a few clicks:
  • Create a PAYLIB account by entering an e-mail address and a password.
  • Select a bank card and associate it with PAYLIB without mentioning its number.
  • Create a second password that will be used for validating transactions.


A buyer with accounts in the 4 partner banks will have to open a PAYLIB account in each of the 4 banks.