Viewing the progress of a PAYLIB payment on the payment page

  1. The buyer validates the shopping cart.
  2. The merchant website redirects the buyer to the payment gateway. The redirection is done via an HTML POST form using HTTPS. The parameters of the form are described in the chapter Generating a payment form.
  3. When the parameters and their signature have been verified, the payment method selection page appears.
    Figure 1. Selecting a payment method

    If the payment method has been specified in the form, the buyer moves on directly to step 6.

  4. The buyer selects the Paylib payment method.
    The gateway redirects him to the Paylib authentication interface.
  5. The buyer specifies his or her Paylib identifier and password to sign in.
  6. The buyer confirms by clicking Validate.
  7. He selects his card.
  8. An authorization request is sent to the issuer (buyer’s bank), in addition to internal fraud verification on the payment gateway.
  9. In case of success, a summary page is presented to the buyer resuming the transaction details.

    A link at the bottom of the page allows to return to the shop.

    Figure 2. Summary page

    In case of failure, a message is displayed. The buyer is informed of the rejection of the payment request. A link at the bottom of the page allows to cancel and return to the shop.