Displaying PayPal transactions (deferred payment) in the Expert Back Office

Transactions can be viewed in the Expert Back Office via the Management > Transactions menu.

A transaction with a deferred payment appears directly in the Transactions in progress tab.

  1. Select a PayPal transaction.
  2. Rick click and select Display transaction details.
    Figure 1. Transactions in progress tab
    The Details of a transaction in progress dialog box appears.
    Figure 2. Details of a transaction in progress

    The details include:

    • Transaction type

      Debit in case of a payment Credit in case of a refund

    • The transaction amount

    • The creation date of the transaction

      In this example, the payment is made on 17/02/2017.

    • The transaction status

      Waiting for authorization status. Only a pre-authorization request is sent. The authorization will be made afterwards.

    • The requested presentation date

      In this example, the requested date is 27/02/2017, 10 days after the transaction was created.

      The authorization request will be made on 20/02/2017, 3 days before the requested presentation date.

    • The PayPal account of the buyer who performed the payment

    • Pre-authorization

      It specifies the amount, the returned result of the pre-authorization, the pre-authorization number and the transaction creation date.

    • PayPal certificate of the transaction