Partially capturing an order

When receiving an order for which one of the items is no longer available, the merchant can partially capture the order amount.

To use this option, the merchant must:

  • Subscribe to the offer allowing to capture an order in installments via PayPal.
  • Contact the payment gateway customer service to add this feature to their PayPal MID.

Here is an example that illustrates this case:

The merchant receives a payment of ,00 EUR100 for 2 items:
  • An item for ,00 EUR30 that the merchant can immediately ship and capture.
  • An item for ,00 EUR70 that the merchant no longer possesses and that they will not be able to honor.

In this case, the steps are:

  1. Right-click the transaction that you want to partially capture.
  2. Select .
    This operation cancels the transaction.
    However, thanks to the feature of the PayPal MID that allows to make multiple captures per order, the order will remain open.
  3. Confirm the cancellation of the selected transaction.
  4. Once again, right-click the transaction that now has the status.
  5. Select .
    This operation duplicates the canceled transaction to specify an amount and a presentation date for the first item's capture. The amount is partial (,00 EUR30).
    The dialog box Duplication of the transaction appears.
    Figure 1. Duplicating a transaction
  6. Enter the amount of the first item that you would like to capture (e.g. ,00 EUR30) and its presentation date.
  7. Click on .
    The transaction is duplicated. It refers to the amount of the first item in the order.
    Once this partial capture is sent to PayPal and appears in the tab with a status, you may close the order.
  8. Right-click the transaction with the status.
  9. Select Close.
No other amounts can be captured for this transaction.

The buyer's account is only debited for the amount of the first item.