Creating a payment by identifier / token

Use all the fields presented in the table below to create your form.

Table 1. Field list - Payment by token PayPal
Field name Description Format Value
vads_page_action Action to perform string (enum)
Several possible values:
    Create a token
    Create a token during a payment
    Create a token when creating a recurring payment
    Create a token when creating a recurring payment with payment
    Update information associated with the token
    Use a token to perform a 1-click payment
    Use a token to create a new recurring payment
    Update information associated with the token during a payment
vads_amount Payment amount in the smallest currency unit (cents for euro). n..12 E.g.: 3000 for 30,00 EUR
vads_ctx_mode Operating mode. string (enum) TEST or PRODUCTION
vads_currency Code of the currency used for the payment. n3 E.g.: 978 for euro (EUR)
vads_action_mode Acquisition mode for payment method data. string (enum) INTERACTIVE
vads_identifier Token (unique) associated with a payment method. string
  • This identifier can either be generated by the payment gateway
    In this case, this parameter must not be populated.
  • Otherwise, it can be generated by the merchant website
    In this case, this parameter must be populated with the desired value of the identifier.
    The merchant website must make sure that each identifier is unique.
    Any registration request containing an existing identifier will be rejected and an error message will appear.
vads_payment_config Payment type string (enum) SINGLE
vads_site_id Shop ID n8 E.g.: 12345678
vads_trans_date Date and time of the payment form in UTC format. n14 E.g.: 20170501130025
vads_trans_id Unique transaction ID. n6 E.g.: 123456
vads_version Version of the exchange protocol. string V2