Setting up the Instant Payment Notification

This notification is required to communicate the result of a payment request.

In your Expert Back Office, you must set up a URL that will be systematically called after a payment. It will inform the merchant website of the payment result even if your client has not clicked on return to the shop.

This parameter is called Instant Payment Notification URL at the end of the payment.

To set up this notification:

  1. Right-click the Instant Payment Notification URL at the end of the payment line.
  2. Select Manage the rule.
  3. Enter the URL of your page in the fields URL to call in TEST mode and URL to call in PRODUCTION mode.
  4. Enter the E-mail address(es) to notify in case of failure.
  5. To specify several e-mail addresses, separate them with a semi-colon.
  6. Set up the parameters for Automatic retry in case of failure.
    This option allows to automatically send notifications to the merchant website in case of failure (up to 4 times).
    For more information, see chapter Activating the automatic retry
  7. Save the changes.