Viewing PayPal transactions in the Expert Back Office

Transactions can be viewed in the Expert Back Office via the Management > Transactions menu.

Reminder: for immediate payments, the capture delay is equal to zero. This means that the funds are captured directly. Therefore, there is no authorization.

The PayPal transaction appears directly in the Captured transactions tab.

  1. Select an PayPal transaction.
  2. Rick click and select Display transaction details.
Figure 1. Captured transactions - PayPal tab
The Details of a captured transaction dialog box appears.

The details include:

  • Transaction type

    Debit in case of a payment Credit in case of a refund

  • The transaction amount

  • The transaction status

    "Presented" status for an immediate payment

  • The PayPal account of the buyer who performed the payment

  • The PayPal certificate of the transaction

In some cases, PayPal retains a transaction because of suspected fraud. In this case:
  • The payment appears in the Transactions is progress tab with the status Control in progress.
  • The vads_result field is returned with the 00 value during the call to notification URL (IPN). It is important to also check in your script that the vads_trans_status field is not set to UNDER_VERIFICATION (control in progress by PayPal).