Transmitting the Return URLs

When iframe mode is enabled, there is no button displayed on the payment page to abandon the payment.

The merchant web site has to manage:
  • redirection in case of payment successful,
  • redirection in case of payment declined,
  • redirection in case of payment abandoned by the buyer

In the first two cases, to automatically redirect the buyer to the merchant web site, populate the following fields:

  • vads_redirect_success_timeout and vads_redirect_error_timeout with "0",
  • vads_url_success with the URL of your order confirmation page,
  • vads_url_return with the URL of your return page in case of rejected payment,
  • vads_return_mode with the "POST" or "GET" value to retrieve the payment result and display it on your order confirmation page if necessary.

To manage the case of abandoned payment, you can add a button on top of the iframe to allow the closure of the iframe.

	<div style="float:right;">		
		<input type="image" src="close.png"   onclick="window.parent.removeIframe();"/>	

If you want to be notified when payments are canceled, make sure you have configured and enabled the notification rule "Instant Payment Notification URL on cancellation" in your Expert Back Office.