The capture number

The capture number allows to uniquely identify refunds from ANCV to the merchant website. This number corresponds to the batch of e-Chèques-Vacances.

The refund of e-Chèques-Vacances by the ANCV to the merchant is automatic. It is made via a bank transfer within a maximum delay of 21 days after the e-Chèques-Vacances were validated for refund.

Once a transaction has been validated, a capture number is transmitted to the merchant website that, by connecting to the ANCV's extranet, can reconcile the captured amount of e-Chèques-Vacances and the amount that was transferred by the ANCV (by charging a commission fee).

Figure 1. The capture number

The capture number can be viewed in the Expert Back Office via the Management > Transactions menu.

e-Chèques-Vacances transactions for an accepted payment are visible in the Captured transactions tab. The capture number appears in the column Capture #.