Analyzing the vads_card_brand field

The vads_card_brand field contain the payment method used during the transaction. The value is derived from the BIN range files.

  • For a single payment made with a meal voucher:
    Table 1. vads_card_brand values for a single payment by electronic meal voucher
    Value Description
    SODEXO "Pass Restaurant"
    EDENRED "Titre Restaurant Mastercard"
    CHQ_DEJ "Chèque Déjeuner"
    APETIZ "Apetiz"
  • For a split payment (a meal voucher card complemented with another payment method)
    Table 2. vads_card_brand values for a split payment
    Value Description
    MULTI Several payment methods have been used to complete the transaction.

    The table of payment methods used by the buyer can be found in the JSON of the vads_payment_seq field (card_brand element).

    For more information, see chapter Processing data specific to the response of payment with a meal voucher.