Configuring e-mails sent to the merchant

By default, the payment gateway can notify the merchant in the following cases:

  • Confirmation e-mail of payment
  • Deferred payment rejection e-mail
  • Buyer registration confirmation e-mail
  • Refusal e-mail for deferred payment
  • Confirmation e-mail of recurring payment
  • Key regeneration e-mail

To configure these e-mails:

  1. From the Expert Back Office, go to the following menu: Settings > Notification rules.
  2. Select the E-mail sent to the merchant tab.
  3. Right click the label of an e-mail and select Enable the rule.
  4. Right click the label of an e-mail with an enabled rule and select Manage the rule.
  5. Customize the label of the rule and the address to be notified.
  6. To customize the e-mail content
    1. Click on General Settings to specify the e-mail address to notify.
    2. Click on Buyer e-mail settings to view the "default text" of the e-mail.
    3. Select the tab corresponding to the language of the e-mail that you wish to customize.
    4. Click on Customize default text values.
    5. Modify the text of the e-mail.
    6. Click on Fields to include to display the list of fields available for e-mail customization.
    7. Select the fields that you wish to include into the e-mail. A detailed summary of the request processing will be added to the contents of the e-mail.
    To preview the applied changes, click on Preview the e-mail at the bottom of the dialog box.
  7. In order to modify the events that trigger the notification:
    1. Click Rule conditions
      A condition is composed of a variable, a comparison operator and a reference value.
      Example: "mode = TEST", "amount exceeding 1000". During the execution of a rule, the value of a variable is retrieved and compared to the reference value.
    2. Double-click on an existing condition to modify it.
    3. Click Add to create a new condition.
      All the conditions must be validated for the rule to be executed.
  8. Click Save.