Manual notification retry

This option allows to manually retry the Instant Payment notification from the Expert Back Office when there is a transaction error.

  1. Via the Expert Back Office, search the transaction for which you wish to resend the notification.
  2. Right-click on the transaction and select Send the Instant Payment Notification.
    If your application becomes available once again, you will see a message confirming that the URL has been successfully executed

    You can, in any case, view the result of your action in the event history of the transaction and possibly analyze error messages if the problem persists.

When the retry is done manually from the Expert Back Office, some information may be not stored in the database or is changed.

Examples of not available / not registered fields in the database:

  • vads_page_action
  • vads_payment_config
  • vads_action_mode

Examples of fields sent with different values:

  • vads_url_check_src set to BO.
  • vads_trans_status. The transaction status following this operation may be different depending on its status when the URL is called (see chapter Transaction lifecycle).
  • vads_hash with a different value.
  • signature with a different value.