The life cycle of an immediate payment transaction

Once the payment request has been made, several verification processes start automatically:

  • 3D Secure authentication.
  • Various local verification processes made directly by the payment gateway (they potentially include verification processes that concern subscription to the risk management option).
  • An authorization request is also made by the buyer's bank on the day of payment independently of the capture date at the desired bank

    If one of the verification processes fails, the payment request will not be accepted. The buyer is informed of the rejection on the screen. In the Expert Back Office, the transaction appears with the Refused status.

    In case of a successful verification process, the transaction appears with the Waiting for capture status.

    The buyer will see a notification message on the screen and by e-mail if the payment request has been accepted. The transaction will be automatically sent for capture on the day requested by the buyer.

    Before the capture date, the buyer can modify it together with the amount (only smaller amounts can be entered in case of partial shipment by the merchant).

    If necessary, the buyer can also cancel the transaction: the transaction will then appear with the Canceled status.