The life cycle of an installment payment transaction

Depending on the capture date, the first installment will have exactly the same features as an immediate payment or a deferred payment

By default, the following installments will have the Waiting for authorization status. The buyer’s bank will be able to reject the authorization request. The payment gateway will then inform the merchant by e-mail that the transaction has been declined.

The authorization requests for the upcoming installments are automatically sent as a transaction for a deferred payment, with two possible dates:
  • default option: on the desired capture date,
  • option with anticipated authorization: depending on the selected payment method, on the specified day (see table that illustrates the authorization validity) before the expected capture date in the bank.

The following installments go through the steps specified in the diagram below (in case of an authorization request that will not be resent):

In any case, canceling an installment never implies that the upcoming installments will be canceled.