Creating a token in Test mode via the Expert Back Office


The configuration of notification rules allows to receive notifications once a token has been created (or updated). If you have several shops, only one of the shops will receive the notifications, but the created token can be used for payments made in all of the shops of the same company (legal name).

  1. Go to the following menu: Settings > Notification rules.
  2. Make sure that the Instant Payment Notification URL on an operation coming from the Back Office rule is present and enabled.
  3. If the rule is not enabled, make a right-click and select Enable the rule.
  4. Double-click the rule and make sure that the URL in TEST mode and the URL in PRODUCTION mode are specified.

    For more information on configuring the notification rules, see chapter Configuring the Instant Payment Notification URL on an operation coming from the Back Office.

Once the configuration of the notification rule is complete, you can proceed to creating the token.

  1. Go to Management > TEST recurring payments.

    The Token tab appears by default.

  2. Click Create.

  3. Select the Shop to notify from the list if you have several shops.

    The token creation window appears.

    If the Notifications item appears on the display of the token creation window, make sure that the steps listed in Prerequisites have been completed correctly.

  4. Enter the Buyer e-mail address.

  5. A token is generated by default in the Token ID field. You can click on the button Generate a new ID if you wish.
    You also can enter your own token. You must, however, make sure it is unique.

  6. Select the payment method from the list.
    The presented payment methods depend on the MIDs associated with your shop.

  7. Click on the link Test payment method, then on the desired number to automatically enter the details of the test payment method.

  8. Click Next
    The buyer details entry page appears.

  9. Fill in the information about the buyer.

    This details are useful for buyer identification.

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

  10. Click Create to complete the process.

    If all the payment method verification processes have been successfully completed, the token detail window appears.

    It mentions the Token ID. It corresponds to the newly created token. It can be later used for another financial operation in your shop(s).

    If the notification rule Confirmation e-mail of buyer registration sent to the merchant is configured and enabled, you will also receive:
    • the confirmation of registration of buyer's banking details,
    • the buyer's token that they can later use for another financial operation,

    It is possible to send these details to the buyer by e-mail (see chapter Configuring e-mails sent to the buyer).

    The processing of a token creation request without payment results in the creation of a VERIFICATION transaction type, visible in the Expert Back Office and having the following characteristics:
    • its amount is 1.00 EUR ou 0.00 EUR if the acquirer supports it,
    • its status is either 'Accepted' (vads_trans_status=ACCEPTED) or 'Declined' (vads_trans_status=REFUSED),
    • it is never captured and remains in the "Transactions in Progress" tab.


    The token will not be created if the authorization or information request is rejected.

You can also manage your recurring payments via the Expert Back Office after creating the token (see chapter Managing a recurring payment).