Updating a token

In order to update buyer details
  1. Via Management > Recurring payments, search for the token to update.
  2. Right-click the token.
  3. Click Modify.

  4. Click Update buyer details.

    The token update page appears. Only editable fields are available for input.

  5. Edit the e-mail address, if needed.

  6. Generate a new token if you wish to replace the old one.

  7. Complete or edit the information about the buyer.

    Only editable fields can be updated.

  8. Click the Validate button to save the changes.

The processing of a token update request results in the creation of a VERIFICATION transaction type, visible in the Expert Back Office and having the following characteristics:
  • its amount is 1.00 EUR or 0.00 EUR if the acquirer supports it,
  • its status is either ‘Accepted’ (vads_trans_status=ACCEPTED) or ‘Refused’ (vads_trans_status=REFUSED),
  • it is never captured and remains in the “Transactions in Progress” tab.

Warning :

The token will not be updated if the authorization or information request is rejected.

In any case, the merchant will be notified about this update if the Instant Payment Notification URL on an operation coming from the Back Office rule is enabled.