Allows to:
  • specify a list with the Merchant ID (MID) to use for each acceptance network,
  • exclude a network.

This parameter is optional and is only used when you have several e-commerce Merchant IDs (MID) within the same network and when you wish to select a different Merchant ID (MID) depending on the payment.

If this parameter is not specified or absent, the payment will be made with the Merchant ID(s) according to the priority order defined in the Expert Back Office (Settings > Shop > MID association tab).

Input field.

Format map
Error code 62
Possible values

To exclude a network you must use the syntax Network_name=NO.

Example: NETWORK1=contract1;NETWORK2=contract2;NETWORK3=NO

The possible networks are:
Network code Description
ACCORD Oney network (private and gift cards)
ACCORD_SANDBOX Oney network (private and gift cards) - sandbox
AMEXGLOBAL American Express network
ANCV ANCV (e-chèques vacances) network
AURORE Cetelem Aurore network (Brand cards and universal Aurore card)
CB CB Network
CERIDIAN Ceridian network (gift card)
COFINOGA Cofinoga network (Be Smart and brand cards)
CONECS Titre-Restaurant Conecs network
JCB JCB Network
ONEY Oney Network (Payment in 3 or 4 installments by FacilyPay)
ONEY_SANDBOX Oney Network (Payment in 3 or 4 installments by FacilyPay) - sandbox
PAYPAL PayPal network
PAYPAL_SB PayPal network - sandbox

Example for forcing a contract:


Example for forbidding the payment within a specific network:


For forcing the Terminal ID (TID):

The required syntax is: "SCHEME=MID:TID".


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