Installation of the module

  1. Unzip the file.
  2. Copy the payment_lyra directory into the addon folder of Odoo.
  3. The addons directory can be found via:

    • /server/odoo/addons/ for Windows servers.
    • /var/lib/odoo/addons/[VERSION]/ for Linux servers.

    If there are no addons in any of these paths, check the addon_path line in the odoo.conf file. The path indicates the location of addons.

  4. In order to update the cache of Odoo applications, you must:
    • Enable the developer mode via the Odoo Back Office (Configuration > Activate the developer mode), then go to Apps and select Update Apps List.
    • Restart the Odoo server using the sudo systemctl restart odoo command on Linux, or by restarting the Odoo service via Windows.
  5. Go to Applications via the Odoo Back Office.
  6. Remove the Applications filter in the search bar and enter lyra.
  7. Click the install (or update) button.