Standard payment configuration

Via the Odoo Back Office:

  1. Go to Website.
  2. In Configuration, click Payment intermediaries in the eCommerce category.
  3. Click the Configure or Enable button of the Lyra - Standard payment module.
  4. Click the Edit button to configure the payment module.

Basic settings

This option allows you to define the name of the payment method. The buyer will see this title when choosing a payment method.

The default label is Lyra.


It is strongly recommended to select the Lyra value.


Select the website for which you wish to enable the payment module. Delete the field value so that the module is enabled on your websites.


By clicking the square icon, the payment module shifts into PRODUCTION mode. By clicking the triangle icon, the payment module shifts into TEST mode.


If the value indicates Published, the payment method is enabled on the merchant website. If the Disabled value appears, the payment module is not active.

Click the button to shift from one mode to another.

The payment module configuration is divided into three parts:
  • Identities
  • Messages
  • Configuration