Release notes

Version Date Comment
1.12 1/8/2020 New features
  • Restrict payment submodules according to the country.
  • Addition of the SEPA direct debit mode (REGISTER, REGISTER_PAY, PAIEMENT) feature.
  • Addition of the pop-in feature for displaying an embedded form (REST API).
  • Addition of Payment by token feature.
  • The feature of bank data acquisition on the merchant website has been removed.
  • A warning message has been added for Oney when the shipping method is updated.
  • Addition of complementary options for the Other payment methods submodule. (validation mode, capture, cart data, countries).
  • The values of the vads_order_info2 variable have been transferred to vads_order_info.
  • Partial or full payment refund via the CMS Back Office.
1.11.4 29/11/2019 Bug fixes
  • "Duplicate entry" error on the `ps_message_readed` table encountered at the end of the payment (only visible in developer mode).
1.11.3 11/12/2019 Bug fixes
  • Inversion of the currency and effective_currency fields within the embedded form (REST API), which used to induce an amount error of multi-currency payments.
  • Same transaction identifier generated in iframe mode.
  • Return URL cannot be found from the latest Prestashop versions.
1.11.2 7/31/2019 New features
  • In the orders menu of Prestashop, the message containing the payment information is private and marked as read.
Bug fixes
  • Iframe mode not compatible with certain themes.
  • Compatibility with Prestashop 1.7.6 (systematical error 500 on Instant Payment Notification).
  • The number 0 as a min and max submodule value is not taken into account.
1.10.1 10/4/2018

Initial version.

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