Analyzing the payment result

To be able to process the payment result, Marketplace is notified via a URL provided to Lyra Collect, attribute: webhook_url.

A parameter provided in this notification will allow the Marketplace to execute a GET ORDER in order to retrieve the ORDER status and, therefore, know if the payment has been made successfully.

Example of a notification (webhook):

Example of a GET ORDER call


Example of a GET ORDER response

     "uuid": "515abac9-6cb2-4e21-8a25-b08d7e41e43c",
     "href": "",
     "created_at": "2015-03-19T16:30:14.434Z",
     "updated_at": "2015-03-19T16:30:14.434Z",
     "marketplace": "9537e049-8862-400a-ae8d-da2ec9ca6051",
     "reference": "cmd00052",
     "description": "Order",
          "reference": "nope775",
          "title": "M.",
          "type": "PRIVATE",
          "first_name": "Simone",
          "last_name": "Legendre",
          "phone_number": "02 13 06 95 27",
          "email": "",
          "address": {
               "street_number": "29",
               "street": "rue Besnard",
               "district": "Île-de-France",
               "zipcode": "83819",
               "city": "Roux",
               "state": "Hautes-Pyrénées",
               "country": "FR"}
     "shipping":[ {
          "delivery_company_name": "DHL",
          "address": {
               "street_number": "493",
               "street": "avenue Duhamel",
               "district": "Saint-Martin",
               "zipcode": "33980",
               "city": "Hamon",
               "state": "Charente-Maritime",
               "country": "FR"},
          "shipping_speed": "EXPRESS",
          "shipping_method": "ETICKET",
          "type": "PRIVATE",
          "first_name": "Luc",
          "last_name": "Leveque",
          "phone_number": "+33 (0)1 46 05 15 89"
     "amount": null,
     "currency": "EUR",
     "status": "CREATED",
     "webhook_result": null,
     "url_return": "",
     "links": {
          "items": {
               "href": ""},
               "href": "" }
     "vads_transaction_id": 500003,
     "vads_transaction_date": ""