History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
1.3 Lyra Collect 16/07/2019

Addition of the Cashouts resource.

Update of the Items, Refunds and Order resources.

Order object: addition of the embedded_form_token attribute.

Addition of actions:
  • List the cashouts of a marketplace,
  • Obtain cashout details,
  • Edit a refund request,
  • Cancel a refund request,
  • Unlock the payment of a previously locked item.
Updated chapters:
  • Following up the request,
  • Modifying an order,
  • Presentation of the Web Services,
  • Major stages of a payment,
  • Understanding the marketplace payment flow,
  • Making a payment.
Addition of chapters:
  • Manual triggering of item payment,
  • Viewing marketplace cashouts,
  • Modifying a refund request,
  • Canceling a refund request,
  • Pre-authorized payments (manual validation).
1.2 Lyra Collect 22/01/2019

Addition of field definition for "order".

Addition of the commission principle.

Addition of Tokens and Refunds resources.

Addition of Tokens and Refunds life cycle.

Addition of the Cancel order action.

Chapter Making a payment updated:
  • code samples updated,
  • addition of the use of the Tokens resource.
Addition of chapters:
  • Analyzing the result of a token request.
  • Retrieving token details
  • Modifying an order
  • Payment with capture delay
  • Token object
  • Alias object
  • Refund object
1.1 Lyra Collect 12/07/2018

Details added to chapters: addition of names within objects

Removal of the transfers resource

Addition of chapters:
  • Viewing the sub-merchants registered in the marketplace
  • Refunding a payment
1.0 Lyra Collect 12/03/2015 Initial version

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