Introduction to the Marketplace

The payment platform offers payment services for Marketplaces that sell products or services on the Internet on behalf of sellers with whom they have signed a commercial agreement to this effect.

The mechanism of bank flows:

Vocabulary Description
Cash-in Payment made by the buyer to the Marketplace (CB, VISA, etc.).
Cash-out Transfer made by the Marketplace to the Sellers.

Buyers' payments are distributed between sellers' payment accounts. The payment gateway then triggers credit transfers to the bank account of the Marketplace sellers.

Commission principle

An order contains a list of items, on for each item of the cart.

A special item is used to represent a commission taken by the marketplace from the seller's flow.

The seller of this item must be the seller marketplace, that is to say the one whose "is_marketplace_seller" field is "true".

Lyra Collect commissions are deducted on this item. The marketplace commissions must therefore cover the costs of Lyra Collect, for this, commission checks are carried out before the payment of the order.

An example of order creation is given in the chapter Making a payment.