Optional code of the response. Its meaning depends on the value specified in vads_result.

  • If vads_result equals 30 (request error), then vads_extra_result contains the numeric code of the field with an error in the value or the format. This value can be set to 99 in case of an unknown error in the request.

    Example: if vads_extra_result contains the value 09, it means that the amount specified in vads_amount is incorrect.

  • If vads_result equals 05 (declined) or 00 (accepted), vads_extra_result contains the numeric code of the risk management result.
Code Description
Empty No verification completed.
00 All the verification processes have been successfully completed.
02 Credit card velocity exceeded.
03 The card is in the merchant's greylist.
04 The country of origin of the card is on the merchant's greylist.
05 The IP address is on the merchant's greylist.
06 The BIN code is on the merchant's greylist..
07 Detection of an e-carte bleue.
08 Detection of a national commercial card.
09 Detection of a foreign commercial card.
14 Detection of a card that requires systematic authorization.
20 Relevance verification: countries do not match (country IP address, card country, buyer's country).
30 The country of the this IP address belongs to the greylist.
99 Technical issue encountered by the server during a local verification process.

Output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Category Technical details.