History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
2.6 Lyra Collect 27/05/2019
  • The following methods will be deprecated with the iplementation of 3DS v2: createPayment, verifyThreeDSEnrollment, checkThreeDSAuthentication.
  • Addition of the paymentResponse.wallet field.
  • Addition of the cardResponse.bankLabel field.
  • Addition of the extendedResponseRequest.isWalletRequested and extendedResponseRequest.isBankLabelRequested fields.
  • Addition of the extendedResponseRequest object as an input parameter of the createPayment method.
  • Addition of the tokenRequest object as an input parameter of the createToken and updateToken methods.
  • Update of the list of values of the responseCode field.
  • Additional details on the analysis of the responseCode field when it is set to 0.
  • Correction of field format for captureResponse.number.
  • Removal of a note concerning the mandatory nature of the customerRequest object in the createPayment method.
2.5 Lyra Collect 04/02/2019
  • Replacement of the term “Certificate” with “Key” in all menus.
  • Use of the term Token instead of Buyer ID.
  • Addition of error codes (responseCode) 16, 81 and 83.
  • Additional information on manual capture.
  • Modification of the description of the amount attribute in the verifyThreeDSEnrollment method (can be set to 0).
  • Additional information on the prohibition to duplicate transactions made with MasterCard in some cases.
  • Additional information on refunds of unpaid transactions.
  • New value for the transactionStatusLabel field: ACCEPTED
  • New value for the operationType field: 5
  • Addition of the object paymentResponse in the messages createTokenResponse and updateTokenResponse
  • Update of the definition of paymentType.
2.4 Lyra Collect 26/09/2018 Initial version

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