Return codes specific to the CB network

The return codes returned for the CB network (France) are:

Value Description Authorized Retry
00 Approved or successfully processed transaction  
02 Contact the card issuer  
03 Invalid acceptor YES
04 Keep the card YES
05 Do not honor YES
07 Keep the card, special conditions YES
08 Confirm after identification  
12 Invalid transaction YES
13 Invalid amount YES
14 Invalid cardholder number YES
15 Unknown issuer YES
17 Canceled by the buyer  
19 Retry later  
20 Incorrect response (error on the domain server)  
24 Unsupported file update  
25 Unable to locate the registered elements in the file  
26 Duplicate registration, the previous record has been replaced  
27 File update edit error  
28 Denied access to file  
29 Unable to update  
30 Format error  
31 Unknown acquirer company ID YES
33 Expired card YES
34 Suspected fraud YES
38 Expired card  
41 Lost card YES
43 Stolen card YES
51 Insufficient balance or exceeded credit limit  
54 Expired card YES
55 Incorrect secret code  
56 Card absent from the file YES
57 Transaction not allowed for this cardholder YES
58 Transaction not allowed for this cardholder  
59 Suspected fraud YES
60 The acceptor of the card must contact the acquirer  
61 Withdrawal limit exceeded  
63 Security rules unfulfilled YES
68 Response not received or received too late  
75 Number of attempts for entering the secret code has been exceeded  
76 The cardholder is already blocked, the previous record has been saved YES
90 Temporary shutdown  
91 Unable to reach the card issuer  
94 Duplicate transaction  
96 System malfunction  
97 Overall monitoring timeout.  
98 Server not available, new network route requested  
99 Initiator domain incident