Canceling / refunding a transaction

This page presents the differences between transaction cancellation and refund.

Examples of use cases

  • Cancellation feature: A user has ordered two products from you. They are definitively out of stock. You cancel the transaction so that the client’s account is not debited.
  • Refund feature: The client has returned the product as it did not match their requirements, the product has been damaged during shipping, etc. The merchant must refund the client.

The difference between cancellation and refund

L’annulation d’une transaction doit être effectuée avant la capture (ou remise en banque) de cette même transaction. La capture intervient à 00h05 pour les transactions de la veille (00h00 à 23h59).

Si la transaction a été capturée, avec débit du porteur, il faudra effectuer un remboursement. Le montant de ce remboursement est inférieur ou égal au montant initial de la transaction. L’opération de remboursement permet donc de re-créditer le compte bancaire d’un acheteur. Le compte de paiement du marchand est débité du montant correspondant.


Cancellation cannot be partial. Since cancellation occurs before capture in the bank, the buyer should not see any operations on their account.

Cancellation and prepaid cards:

In case of a payment made with a prepaid card and authorized by the issuer, the buyer''s bank account is debited immediately, without waiting for the payment to be captured in the bank (as in case of most bank cards). If the merchant cancels the transaction before capture in the bank, the payment method holder''s account is not updated in real time (except in case of auto fuel terminals). The buyer''s balance will be restored at the end of the authorization validity period, which can be up to 30 days depending on the type of the card.


Un remboursement se fait toujours sur une opération qui a été capturée (mais pas forcément encore créditée sur le compte du marchand, cela dépend des délais de paiement).

In summary

Transactions non capturées :

  • "Cancellation" feature only.

Transactions capturées:

  • Fonction « remboursement » uniquement, l’annulation n’est plus possible.

To cancel or refund a transaction via the REST payment Web Service, please go to: Transaction/CancelOrRefund.