Simple payment directly on your website

Our REST API together with our JavaScript client provides you with numerous tools for building a payment form integrated into your page.

Our library helps you create a custom sales tunnel for Web and mobile devices.

Simplifying your life

Our JavaScript library includes a large set of features allowing you to simplify your integration. Less code, less bugs and more time for you to concentrate on your core business.

Natively supported 3DS

Redirection to multi-factor authentication pages is automatically handled in a linear fashion. The buyer does not leave your website in case of failure.

Debug sidebar

A developer-oriented debug sidebar helps you integrate our solution with more ease and detect common errors.

Support of all devices

Works with all types of terminals. Regularly tested on numerous real devices, from the latest models to basic mobile phones.

Real time validation

Payment detail entry is validated locally and in real time depending on the card and the country.

Format masking

The card number and the date are automatically formatted for increased legibility, but not too extensively to avoid confusing new users.


Natively supports card details stored in browsers, wallets or autofilled via phone camera.

Several default themes available

Customize the appearance of your form thanks to ready to use open-source themes.

Customizable via CSS

Customize the form directly with a style sheet. No intermediary JavaScript API is required.

Addition of custom fields

The theme and error handling will be automatically provided by the JavaScript client according to the payment form fields.

For developers

Interactive documentation allows to learn more about the API. All the code samples are functional and available on GitHub. The Playground allows to experiment without having to deploy anything.

Adapted for international markets

Everything is already translated: fields and error messages. The language of the form can be changed in real time.

Secure data entry

Sensitive information entered by the buyer is sent directly to our gateway (via an iframe in every field), without being shared with the merchant, which simplifies PCI-DSS procedures.

How to get started?

The pages recommended for getting started are:

Quick start

Quick overview: How to integrate the payment form?

REST API reference

All the available Web Services

Integration guide

Complete documentation for live integration

Functioning of the API

How to make a call, handle errors? etc.

Knowledge base

Advanced use of the JavaScript client