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Lyra takes over one of your major business related responsibilities and aids you with day-to-day functioning. Moreover, Lyra’s payment gateway easily manages the payment flows and much more with its powerful API.

At Lyra, we are a group of professionals where every individual specializes in its field and works on an everyday basis to help you manage your transactions. We, as a team, work constantly to ensure that you do not deal with the payments’ oriented twists all by yourself.


Ombudsman- the Talisman for Digital Payments’ Users

Ombudsman- the Talisman for Digital Payments’ Users

Labelling Ombudsman as the Talisman for digital payments’ users is justifiable in a way that it is a rescue for …
15 February 2019

Indian ‘Online businesses’ with the Right Attitude to Succeed

  India celebrated its 70th Republic day on 26th January, 2019 and we are proud to have witnessed it having …
1 February 2019

What & Why E-POS?

What is E-POS? E-POS is especially designed to provide the user with a convenient method of receiving payments or making …

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Lyra in collaboration with HDFC Bank is working on IKEA project. IKEA has been present in India for the last …
26 June 2018

A Ready Business offers customers a secure payment gateway

Lyra helps customers transact safely with Vodafone’s secure network connectivity A large group of customers places an order at a …