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Let Lyra take over your major responsibility, which is managing the transactions of your business on an everyday basis. With Lyra’s robust payment solutions, a business platform can put entire emphasis on managing its operations, while leaving payments’ related concerns on us. Moreover, with Lyra’s payment gateway and its API, you can manage the online payment flow with sheer ease. A group of professionals working in their own specialized fields is what makes Lyra’s services worthwhile.

So, leave the payments’ related twists of your business with us to provide your customers with simplified online payments’ experience.


The Future of Payment Gateways   

The Future of Payment Gateways  

Payment Gateways in Today’s time In today’s time, Payment gateways successfully provide end-to-end solutions for seamless customer experience. They are ...
28 June 2019

Should Payment Gateways in India take a Rural route?  

Digital payments have spread across the nation – But what about Rural areas? Ever since the digital payments have got ...
25 June 2019

Importance of Payment Gateway for any Ecommerce Platform

Payment Gateway and an E-commerce platform A payment gateway is an online payments’ path (similar to a POS terminal), which ...

Use Case Base

Rural Project – Micro ATMs and RIG

Rural Project – Micro ATMs and RIG

The core of India is its Rural sector with 83.3 crore Indians living in the rural areas. Digital payments have ...
22 February 2019

Demonetisation Phase

Demonetisation took place in November, 2016 when all INR 500 and INR 1000 currency notes were banned by ruling government. ...
12 February 2019


Lyra in collaboration with HDFC Bank is working on IKEA project. IKEA has been present in India for the last ...