What is E-POS?

E-POS is especially designed to provide the user with a convenient method of receiving payments or making transactions. With it being available on the playstore for an easy downloading, it offers quick access to receiving payments without going through any hassle. It even caters to the needs of an Omni channel business as it is readily there in your mobile phone for making quick and convenient transactions. This provides the user with the ready platform to receive payments while delivering the goods at a customer’s doorstep as it simply requires the deliveryman to pick and take along the mobile phone in which E-POS app is downloaded. It surely increases the business’ reach and the convenience to receive payments on the spot even while sending home deliveries.

The application works by generating a payment link which can be shared with the customer via a QR code or any communication channel (social media, email, SMS, etc.) to make on the spot payment from Cards, Net banking, Wallets and UPI.

As far as Lyra’s E-POS is concerned, it is a ready-to-use mobile application that accepts any form of payments on the go and hence, remains by your side to help you in carrying out quick, secure and convenient transactions on a daily basis.

E-POS, being an advanced version of POS machine, has taken over the finances/making transactions of many businesses altogether. E-POS comes with many distinct features of which there are myriad of benefits. It is widely accepted platform recently as it is quite convenient for businesses to keep a POS machine handy, which is right there in one’s mobile phone.


Features of Lyra’s E-POS

• Available right from your mobile playstore
• Payment link/QR-code enabled
• Quick processing of payment
• Multi-card payments
• Debit, Credit card and Net banking options
• UPI and Wallet payments
• Backed by strong and secure technical support
• Easy and quick operability


Advantages of E-POS

E-POS system successfully records the staff activity and helps the business in monitoring the performance of staff on a daily basis. It helps the business assess and ascertain the high performers amidst the employees. Some businesses highlight their top employees based on the number of items processed/delivered/served in an hour to the customers. It helps them create a competitive environment in the business environment and makes their employees perform well. If one is not working in an environment where this is a useful metric, EPoS systems still provide a way of recording staff activity. One can keep tabs on who has been voiding transactions, who dealt with a particular customer. The ability to have this information recorded and to review it is a great way to reduce fraudulent activities and maintain integrity in the workplace.

Speeding up of the transactions’ process is a great way to provide your customers with a great experience and increase the productivity amongst employees. This way the employees can successfully spend their time making efforts on those aspects that can benefit the business at the end of the day. Thus, the time saved from not having to spend energy and efforts on taking each order physically from worker to the employer helps in faster processing and more utilization of saved time in doing something more beneficial for the business.

Adding on to it, EPoS eliminates staff errors on counting, which keeps your pricing consistent and thus, it implies that you can easily change pricing based on other information in your business e.g. aged stock analysis or to reflect special offers and deals.

E-POS is an extremely useful application for consumers and businesses alike as it helps save time, adds value and makes shopping full of convenience. At the heart of any retail business should be a good EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system, which makes all of this possible.