Having a retail business means, you consider keeping your business up to date so as to keep up with the pace of advancements. The most important function being conducting a thorough research for your product’s demand, you devise a business plan to trigger the success with enough and sufficient supply to the market. Also, a businessperson must know that no amount of planning is complete without acquiring a point of sale software (payment channel) for a retail business. Quite recently, E-POS has set a new standard for companies and sales transactions despite the success of POS terminals over the past years. Now the reason of E-POS having taken over is simply the better businesses experience with this advanced technology.

About E-POS:

E-POS is an advanced technology available in the form of an API (Application) in your mobile phone. Apart from making your transactions quick, secure and convenient, this technology is apt for omni-channel aspect of your business. While you support your end customers with home deliveries, this API sits in the mobile phone with the deliveryman and reaches the customer’s doorstep for an instant payment. Enabling on the spot payments, it generates a payment link for the same, which can be shared with the customer via a QR code or any communication channel (social media, email, SMS, etc.) to make payment from Cards, Net banking, and UPI. From being a handy POS machine, to enabling quick payments, E-POS is devised to make the businessperson carry out hassle-free day-to-day transactions.


Electronic Point of Sales (E-POS) for a retail business:

• Available right from the mobile play store
E-POS is equipped with the feature to be available right from the play store. This feature adds to the convenience of the merchant as it can be downloaded with sheer ease from a single platform. This platform, being easy to access, provides the merchant with E-POS in no time.

• Payment link/QR-code enabled
E-POS is a payment link/QR-code enabled platform which provides the merchant with the feature to share the QR-code on multiple other platforms for easy and multiple payment ways.

• Quick processing of payment
The system is developed with the ability to quickly process payments and thus, does not involve much time of either the merchant or the customer.

• Equipped with the feature of accepting various payment methods
Various payment methods are available on this easy-to-operate and secure platform for accepting transactions. This feature allows the merchant to accept payment from various methods of payments available with the customer, and thus, it retains customer loyalty.

• Backed by robust technical support
E-POS developed to provide quick, secure and convenient transactions is backed by a robust technical support. In case of Lyra’s E-POS, it is backed by a robust and secure technical support to provide the customer as well as merchant with a hassle free transaction. This feature is to avoid chargebacks and frauds.

• Developed to help the merchant operate it with minimum efforts
This platform for receiving payments in a time where people prefer payments through cards or apps, it is mandatory for a retail business to have E-POS. It is especially devised for the merchant to be able to operate the same with minimum efforts and maximum ease.


Let’s go through the benefits that follow, which make E-POS the apt method of digital transactions for a retail business:

• It accepts maximum payment methods
E-POS, apart from being an easy to operate and easy to opt method, is known for its ability to accept maximum methods of digital payments. Nowadays, majority of the people rely on mobile as well as cards to make payments and do not prefer carrying cash with themselves. This has successfully made E-POS popular amongst businesses, especially, small businesses. Thus, E-POS has proved to be the most convenient, reliable and secure way of carrying day-to-day transactions for masses.

• Helps to organize sales target better
An E-POS helps the merchant better its sales target with the facility to help you track individual performance amongst the staff. E-POS makes for a greatly organized sales target with this. This implies that the merchant can identify exactly where the business needs improvement in terms of boosting the sales and work upon the same.

• Easy to Operate and Mobile
A quality E-POS system in easy to operate with minimum efforts and process for transactions. Moreover, it is mobile and can help with omni-channel businesses. Specifically, E-POS by Lyra is an easy-to-operate system and takes very little training. Even a demo of the working of E-POS is enough for the merchant to start using the same and avail benefits out of its many features. Such simplicity in operating and the mobile feature make it the perfect fit for your retail business.

• Secure Platform
This platform is a secure one with the benefits of fraud minimisation and minimal chargebacks. Such security helps the merchant not only avoid revenue loss but also aids in maintaining the customer loyalty. With maximum security and quick transactions, customers remain assured of the transaction platform being reliable. Hence, it makes the customers make frequent purchases from the same store for future requirements.