Electronic Point of Sales

Electronic Point of Sales or E-POS by Lyra is developed
to provide you with an advanced method for receiving payments from your mobile phone. With various benefits offered, it is an application that is convenient to use and is available on the mobile playstore for downloading.
It caters to the need of an Omni channel business since it sits in your mobile phone and conveniently reaches the doorstep of your customer along with the deliveryman.

E-POS application generates a payment link which can be shared with the customer via a QR code or any communication channel (social media, email, SMS, etc.) to make on the spot payment from Cards, Net banking, Wallets and UPI. Also, it offers multicard payments.

E-POS by Lyra is a ready-to-use mobile application that accepts any form of payment on the go and hence, remains by your side to help you in carrying out quick, secure and convenient transactions on a daily basis.



• Available right from your mobile playstore
• Payment link/QR-code enabled
• Quick processing of payment
• Multi-card payments
• Debit, Credit card and Net banking options
• UPI and Wallet payments
• Backed by strong and secure technical support
• Easy and quick operability


• Seamless flow of transactions
• Reduces the operational cost
• Enables cashless transactions
• Eliminates the need of a separate machine
• Maximum security with reliable application
• Fraud & Chargeback minimisation
• Quick transfer of transaction each time


Lyra’s E-POS application is user friendly and extremely easy to navigate. E-POS API (application) is soon going to be available in android mobile play store.

It offers multi-card payment options like debit card, credit card, net banking and also, UPI and Wallet payments options. It is also one of the most cost-effective payment methods available. Equipped with strong technical backing, support, and processing of payments, E-POS is exceptionally quick, secure and convenient.