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Lyra’s Payment SWITCH offers an advanced and best payment solution to the banks and the facilitators alike. This payment service, being sound in rendering the customers with the robust and secure platform, aids in providing authorization and switching solution with regard to the payment system transactions.

Having been equipped with the PCI-DSS 3.2 certification and provision of entire control over the transaction, it revamps the transaction success rate and provides you with the secure and best online payment service provider for processing card acquisition.

Payment SWITCH is certified by Visa, Mastercard and NPCI. It ensures the best payment solution in India and helps the merchants with smooth flow of transaction each time. This service, with online payment solution, supports Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Rupay card schemes.
It has been generated and implemented by our expertise to provide you with excellent features and benefits throughout. It is developed especially with the processor that integrates with various transactions originating and authorization systems such as ecommerce platform, POS devices, networks, and host systems.
Hence, Payment SWITCH supports POS, ECOM, MOTO AND IVR.
Being the best online payment service provider, Lyra has delveloped Payment SWITCH that renders the merchants with the shortest merchant on boarding and customizable risk management module.


  • Card acquisition, processing and settlement
  • Supports Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Rupay card schemes
  • High end ISO switch infrastructure for online authorization/reversal
  • Supports POS, ECOM, MOTO, SMS and DMS networks
  • In-house hosting, direct connectivity with card schemes


  • Coupled with production-grade platform for offline transactions
  • Processes incoming/outgoing files with card networks
  • Shortest merchant on boarding
  • Customizable risk management module
  • Chargeback management: handles card network exception
  • PCI-DSS 3.2, certified by Visa, MasterCard, NPCI



  • BIN sponsorship
  • One stop shop for POS/ECOM/MOTO card acquisition
  • Fully integrated with 3DS MPI, ECOM platform, Payzen, POS platform LUMA
  • Promotes quick transaction flow
  • Highly secure transactions with PCI-DSS 3.2
  • Compliant with RBI’s regulation on storage of sensitive card information

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